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Introducing HandiScore!

Eliminate the need for additional scorekeepers!

Introducing HandiScore!

Are you tired of being stuck on the sidelines with a hard-wired scoreboard controller? Then it’s time to say goodbye to those inconvenient wires, and unleash your scoring capabilities with HandiScore! This NEW portable handheld scoreboard controller is very user-friendly and convenient. Plus, the slim, lightweight, easy-to-hold profile makes one-handed operation simple!

This versatile scoring solution practically eliminates the need for additional scorekeepers! With its 1,000-feet wireless range, multiple scoreboards can be operated simultaneously with HandiScore – a single controller can be used for EVERY scoreboard at your facility. Talk about efficient! Umpires and referees can easily operate your scoreboard during game situations with HandiScore. And it can be used by a sideline scoring official in those game situations where on-the-field operation isn’t crucial.

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