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Legacy Scoreboards

Legacy Scoreboards

It's about time! The days of boring, rectangular scoreboards are's now time to say goodbye to the ordinary! The patent-pending Sportable Scoreboards Legacy Series delivers the performance, efficiency and reliability you deserve in a scoring system while at the same time allowing you to discover a whole new game experience! This is truly the most unique innovation in the scoring industry in the last 70 years.

Our highly trained project specialists will guide you step-by-step through the process from idea creation to implementation of your unique scoreboard.

Sportable Scoreboards' Legacy Series was designed specifically with your organization in mind. Whether you're the Lions, Tigers or Bears (oh my!), your image is unique to you. It's a special image that you're proud of and one that we want to help you convey.

You will be amazed at the versatility and level of customization the all-new Legacy Series offers. This unique, new line of scoreboards also promotes team pride. Players and fans, even your rival teams, will be in awe when they lay their eyes on your showpiece!

The ideas are endless with Sportable Scoreboards' Legacy Series!

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